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03 January 2010


Happy 2010 everybody!


Although the Loop is more or less the same as previous years, a couple of less easy areas have been taken out and replaced with super stretches of new tracks. This has partly been made possible by getting bridleways sorted out into a fit state and partly by doing a lot more exploring.


Bookings have been coming in from September onwards and we have 39 Loop bookings already, mainly for May and June. It looks as if it is going to be a busy season. The Brecon Beacons National Park has adopted the route onto their web site and are giving us a lot of help with maintaining the bridleways and gates. Have a look at


After a lot of phone calls, angry emails and a few meetings, I have finally managed to persuade Visit Wales to give some dedicated space to horse riding. Up till now, horse riding was ignored apart from a portal given to the WTRA much to the annoyance of all other equestrian businesses. From January onwards, you will find a page for horse riding and can navigate through that to find holidays to your liking.




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04 April 2010


After super weather in March, which gave us the chance to harrow some of the fields, it is awful now. The fields are sodden after a lot of rain, sleet and snow and it is very cold with it. Thoroughly unpleasant weather for riding. We live in hope, because in 1976 we had a similar weather pattern and it was the best summer we can remember.


I have been riding Velvet for the last 6 weeks bareback. Although she has not had any hay, nor food over the winter period, apart from minerals and has been unrugged, the inactivity forced upon us through ice and snow had expanded her waist line to such an extent that her saddle was too tight. I tell you, at the age of 57 it was very hard going. The first few days I only managed to ride for 20 minutes. I have built it up to riding 2 hours a day and she is now back to a size suitable for the saddle, hurrah…. There was one advantage, being on her bare back kept me warm. Not only her muscles and waist line have improved, my muscles have toned up and I am fitter than I have been for ages.


I have been checking the various routes and reported some problems to the BBNP. There were a few big trees down which will be cleared before the first guests are due and on one bridleway was some discarded old sheepnetting. I hate farmers who just dump their unwanted stuff on bridleways, it is an accident waiting to happen. Again I have notified the BBNP and have the promise that it will be sorted out.


We have been assessed for the Green Tourism Business Scheme and have just been awarded GOLD. The logo is displayed on the page for The Wern Horse B&B.

06 July 2010


The Loop has been ridden many times already this season and normally it tends to be groups of between 2 and 5 people. However, we had one very large group: the Group of 18!! There were 13 riders, 2 mad runners who run the whole route and back-up, all from the New Forest. They were riding for charity and mostly on New Forest ponies, even the men. I have come to really love that breed, versatile, easy temperament and very tough. They were the ones with 1 wet day.

We are blessed with a summer this year! Most of the riders have been lucky enough to ride the whole Loop without getting wet and only a few have had a little rain. In fact the weather has been about right, warm and sunny without being too hot and a constant breeze to keep flies away (most of the time). Visibility has been out of this world and visitors have been impressed with the stunning scenery and far reaching views. What a difference from the last 3 years.

Allt yr Esgair

Llangorse Lake

Where next?

Lots of ponies arriving

Ready to leave

Picnic at Erwood

The little changes we made to the route since last year due to ROWs becoming overgrown are working well. The wardens from the BBNP are doing a good job with maintenance and, if asked, clear fallen trees away the next day. Thanks!!

02 October 2010


End of season in sight! We have had loads of Loop riders and several of them had asked for a guide. Velvet has proved brilliant, gets on with any horse, goes first or last and although small in statue, she is big in heart and paces; she outwalks most visiting horses, even the fit eventers.


As well as work we have had a few fun times; a 10 mile fun ride at Burwarton Park organised by the Fell Pony Society with a picnic afterwards and a 12 mile sponsored ride and horse blessing in aid of Help for Heroes.



Getting ready for guiding on day 4 from Cilhowey to The Wern



Burwarton Park with lots of Fells



Sponsored Ride and Blessing including Ben and Megan!

I am off to The Netherlands with the Brecon Beacons National Park on 3/10 for 4 days as part of Collabor8, the project to promote sustainable tourism in NW Europe. I have been working hard to get some of the funding directed into maintenance of bridleways and byways which benefits the Loop.


Bookings for next year have been coming in since May this year, even earlier than last year. Word is spreading and most of the bookings are now on word of mouth recommendation, although the article in Horse&Hound has brought some as well. I had 2 journalists staying in September from Central Horse News, organised by the Green Sustainable Business Scheme and there will be a 2 page article in the next issue.


Our last 8 guests included 2 people on hired horses as they wanted to come on the Loop with their friends who all owned their own. It worked a treat!

To contact us:

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Another season nearly over! A very successful year although we had 2 enforced breaks with first Lucienne’s son getting married in Italy and then Margaret’s son getting married in Canada.


There are big changes ahead: Lucienne has sold The Wern and is moving to Rutland, but as she did not want the Loop to come to an end, she has transferred the running of it to Jeanne (Berth-Fedw). The handover is imminent and no doubt changes will be made, as tends to happen with new ownership. However, the B&Bs stay the same, so you can still enjoy the superb hospitality everywhere with a guaranteed expansion of the waistline!!


It is really pleasing to get the feed-back from our guests and what is even nicer is that they rate the Brecon Beacons and Radnor Loop better than the well-known Mary Towneley Loop. Although the scenery on both loops is stunning, the riding is much better, with plenty of opportunities for canters or gallops, which is not possible on the MTL.


Please send pictures to us taken during your Loop ride as we like to keep the photo page up to date.