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Take your own horse on holiday in Wales, or hire a horse to ride the trail, staying at a B&B en route. Bed and Breakfast with your own horse.


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Although this horse riding loop is offered with central booking to make the holiday easier to arrange, there is plenty left for riders to do beforehand.


As you and your horse will be travelling for 4 days over a vast variety of terrain, including some relatively steep ascents, you will both need to be fit enough for the job. We do not want to sound condescending, but it takes more out of your horse than a pleasure ride over flat terrain. Any type of horse and pony can complete this ride and look fit and well at the end as long as they are well prepared. The youngest 2 riders were 8 and 10 on small Welsh section A ponies,

accompanied by their parents, but we also had a large gentleman on an even larger Belgian Coldblood stallion completing the ride barefoot. In fact we have had nearly 20 breeds of horse and pony riding the Loop. Although the youngest riders were 8 and 10, the oldest, as far as we know and were told, were well in their 70s.


In fact talking about barefoot, we have had about 25% of the horses going round the Loop barefoot and coming back with sound feet, some helped with boots to stop wearing the feet down too much. So far the going underfoot has proved to be good enough for a barefoot horse to cope with. Obviously, the horses with shoes on need their feet attended to and new shoes put on about a week to 10 days before they come to us. We do have a farrier on stand-by, but it makes the holiday hassle free if he is not needed and he might not be able to come instantly.


We are often asked how long each day is going to be, but… we cannot really tell people. We know that some riders surprised their B&B hosts by arriving not long after lunch, whilst others we got worried about and went to look for them, assuming that they might have encountered problems. We should not have worried, they were just enjoying the glorious scenery and taking their time, with a lot of photo breaks as well as a nice lunch stop and basically doing sight-seeing on horseback. Each different group of riders has their own idea on what they want to get out of their holiday.


Riders will have made up their mind if they wanted a luggage transfer or not at the time of booking. For those who like to travel independently and use saddlebags, please try them out fully packed before you come on holiday. Try out that they do not rub the horse or slip to one side and make any adjustments which might be needed. Please think about the worst possible weather and make sure that your bits and pieces stay dry. A plastic bag can do wonders if the saddlebags themselves are not fully waterproof.


Or better still, have a look at the saddlebags below, made specially for Loop riders by Llwynon Saddlery They are brilliant and very comfortable for the horse as they don’t move or flap around. Available in black as well.




We always advise people to carry a small first-aid kit for both the horse and person, just in case. Everybody seems to carry a mobile nowadays, but please bear in mind that reception in certain places is poor or non-existent, especially down in narrow valleys. Carrying a penknife can come in handy. Although there should not be any gates tied up with baling twine because we check the route regularly, there could be a problem somewhere since we checked. It can also come in handy to dislodge a stone wedged in the foot of a horse. We tend to steer clear of problem bridleways and have explored the route thoroughly to avoid problems, but you might be forced to change a short section if a tree has come down after a storm.


We provide separate maps and detailed route notes in a size just a touch smaller than A4. Although they are laminated they need to be carried in a map holder suitable for A4 size maps.

We have a deal with an outdoor pursuit company which let us sell map holders at cost price, so if you would like us to buy one for you please let us know well in advance.


Although we hope that the weather will be kind to you and allow you to see the glorious views, you have to be prepared for bad visibility. There are two stretches on the ride where the route runs over open mountain tops and visibility can become poor. There is a lower route in case the visibility is very poor, but luckily, we have not had any need for this yet. It could be useful to have a compass on you (and know how to use it!) or being the modern times, a GPS.



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